Our Crew

Bobby Dickson


I’m Bobby Dickson, owner and operator of Dickson Marine. I love lake life and being on the water. The lake lifestyle is a part of who I am! I’ve been a boat mechanic since 2000, and can honestly say that I am living my dream. Dickson Marine is a hard working, but laid back family-owned business. Our goal is to provide quality service repairs and to create a friendly customer atmosphere. In my downtime, you can still find me at the lake, spending time with my beautiful family. Family is what makes living the dream so amazing. And, yes, my family enjoys days and evenings on the lake as much as I do. This 20 year veteran of the industry, is a family man! I am husband, to my wife, Meliha, and am blessed with two awesome daughters, Maida and Emma. And, this might be kind of crazy. But, I am one of those guys who genuinely loves his son-in-law! Chase is just a cool dude. Man do I love my wife and kids and working on the lake. But, I recently found a position in life that might be my best gig yet. I get to be Papa Bob to Jett. Life doesn’t get any better than this!

Johnny Dickson


What’s Up? I’m Johnny Dickson, brother to Bobby, and partner in Dickson Marine. I love living my best life side-by-side with my brother, working on the lake. Being dad to my son, Jamie is the most important job that I have. And, being able to support guys and gals who love the lake lifestyle as much as I do is beyond cool. How many guys get to go to the lake every day and hang out with their best buds! But, in all seriousness, you will not find a crew more dedicated to doing quality work than the crew at Dickson Marine. Our team has years of experience and we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction.

Gary Hiltzman

Detailer / Asst. Mechanic

This is Gary, our detailer and assistant mechanic. Gary is a great addition to our team, and has become an extended member of the Dickson family. A lover of boats, and a dedicated employee, Gary works to ensure that the needs of our customers are met, and acts as a support person to our lead mechanic. Gary is a great guy, but doesn’t have as much to say as Bobby and Johnny. But, don’t let his quiet nature fool you. Gary knows his stuff, and works hard to get the job done!

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